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Çarpmak izle, Slam izle, Our story begins on the last day of school during final exams in Beijing, China. Mouth, a shy insecure 15-year-old, and his best friend Monkey, an undersized energetic loudmouth, get ready for the start of summer break and transition into high school. The future is looking bright for Mouth, whose longtime crush, Xiao Xiao, the prettiest and smartest girl at school, has finally turned her attention to him. The fun start to school break turns sour, when Monkey's cousin, Jason, comes to Beijing for the summer. Jason gets the boys on the wrong side of Li Wei, the arrogant and cocky captain of the school basketball team. Since Mouth's humble father, Lao Lin, works for Li Wei's powerful and rich father, Mouth desperately tries to avoid any trouble. Nevertheless, Jason convinces the boys to take revenge. The boys score a minor victory, but Li Wei vows to make their lives a living hell. Mouth's life takes a turn for the worse during Monkey's birthday party, when Li Wei and his friends humiliate Xiao Xiao. Angry and pushed over the edge, Mouth attacks Li Wei and ends up damaging public property and injuring Li Wei. The police show up along with both of their fathers. As a result, Lao Lin has to get a second job in order to pay for the damages caused by Mouth. Frustrated, Mouth gets into a fight with Xiao Xiao and breaks up with her. To pay for the damages, Mouth, Monkey and Jason enter the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament in hopes of winning the grand prize money. During the tournament, the team's remarkable performance makes them the crowd's favorites. They are even stealing the thunder away from Li Wei's team, the defending champions. The night before the semi-finals, Mouth's father discovers that his son has failed his final exams. He lashes out, hitting his son in anger. The next day, Mouth plays horribly, causing a huge fight between him and Jason. Out of a fluke, they still manage to win a spot to the finals against none other than Li Wei's team. Unable to settle their differences, do the boys have what it takes to overcome impossible odds?

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